Create Late


A night of creativity at Peterborough Museum

Create Late was an evening of creating and exploring Peterborough Museum after dark in November 2019.

The vibes were chill, the cocktails and mocktails were cheap, and the entertainment was inspiring. Performances included DJ sets, live VR, a walking spoken word tour, and Extinction Rebellion’s Red Devils. There was also 90s & 00s throwback crafts (think Scoubi Strings and stick on gems), a film about the power of the arts, artsy fortune telling, and an IG-ready photobooth.

The event was inspired by Tate Late events in London, and the activities were co-designed by local young producers Dante, Sarah, Freddie, Nicola, Olivia, Amber-Page, Emily, and Sandy.

Other Projects

Well if you found that fascinating come check out what else we've done!
Sneak Beak- Spread Your Wings

Sneak Beak- Spread Your Wings

Sat, 29 April, 2023
Get an insider’s view at this painting day, pop in and watch artists turn designs from across the city into a flock of giant birds.

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Spread Your Wings

Spread Your Wings

Peterborough Presents, alongside Orton Makers and artist Rose Croft are producing another project with a lot of local flavour & pride for Peterborough Celebrates in May.

We are asking groups, schools and individuals to help us design and make Ostrich sized birds that represent their sense of pride & show off their creativity. This flock will then be installed at Peterborough Celebrates festival which praises and shines a light on what is great about the city.

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