Data Driven Decision Making
– a Case Study


About this case study

In 2017, Peterborough Presents took the bold decision to start working directly in local neighbourhoods. If we really wanted to work with people who don’t take part in creative activities then we needed to know who wasn’t taking part and go to where they were at. But, with the whole city as our playground, how do we decide where we work and who we work with?

This case study looks at how we use evidence and data, alongside an understanding of the what is already happening in neighbourhoods, to determine where we work. It includes an assessment of the underpinning principles, the data used to inform decisions and how the approach enables new audiences to be engaged. It also highlights the impact of data driven decision making on local areas, people and partners across Peterborough, identifying good practice, successes and key areas of learning. Produced by Peterborough Presents’ external evaluator Jamie Buttrick.


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