Magical History Tours


A film series by Deljit Singh!

Peterborough Presents first met Deljit Singh in 2021 as part of our Millfield Link project. We’ve been making magically historical films together ever since! 

Magical History Tours of Millfield came about after Deljit told us about an idea he’s had for ages to do a history tour of the area. Del grew up on Cromwell Road and his dad owned Rathore Continental Store, affectionately known as Mr Singh’s Sweet shop.
Del wanted to share some of his memories of how the area has changed in his lifetime. We loved this idea so much that we made it happen! We paired Del up with local film-maker Emily Steele and her partner Os, who brought Del’s idea to life by following him around Millfield with their trusty camera and sound equipment.
Part 1 and Part 2 both focused on the rich history of Millfield. On Facebook the films reached over 40,000 people! We had comments and messages from people all over the world sharing their positive messages, plus their own stories and memories of the Millfield / Gladstone areas. Many from Peterborough, some who have lived in Millfield, and some who have never visited before but loved finding out about the history!

Films by Emily Steele Cine-Sister
Additional Images courtesy of Chris Porsz and Peterborough Images
Huge thanks to Deljit Singh for his idea and his passion!


Coming in 2022: Part 3 # 4!

After the success of parts 1 & 2, we are creating part 3 & 4 about Peterborough city centre!

Part 3 will be showcased in May 2022 as part of Peterborough Celebrates! We’re just finalising the details so check our What’s On page or get in touch to find out the details. Explore the top end of Peterborough City Centre, starting at the bottom of Cromwell Road.

Thanks Deljit for the trip down memory lane. There certainly was a great community spirit about the place in those days. Thanks for evoking so many memories of times gone by.

I absolutely loved watching and listening and reminiscing to this. Some of it I remembered, some of it was a revelation. Thank you so much, Del for sharing your memories ❤

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