International Women’s Day – small events


Apply for funding for small activities and events

Peterborough Presents is offering support of up to £400 to local community groups and artists to deliver creative activities in March 2023, that celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) in a warm and comfortable space for residents in Peterborough. We expect to award support to between 4 – 5 projects.


International Women’s Day takes place on 8 March 2023. It is a global day where, worldwide, groups come together to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender equality and brings attention to issues such as reproductive rights and violence and abuse against women. Each year has a different theme. The theme for 2023 is Embrace Equity. Previous themes have been around women in leadership, gender equality for a sustainable tomorrow, time is now: rural and urban activists transforming people’s lives.


The deadline for proposals is 31st January 2023.

We are looking for creative responses which will bring fun, joy, connection and creativity within warm spaces in Peterborough.

We are happy to support proposals that introduce some new creative activity to an existing IWD event or support new activities in your local area.


You can download the following documents using the links below:

A PDF of the text from this webpage

A simple template that you can use to apply for this funding (or use this as a checklist to help your audio / film submission)

Audio versions of the different sections of this webpage (use the buttons at the bottom of the webpage)

Click here to download the text from this webpage

as a PDF

What kinds of activity will we fund?

This funding must support a creative activity. We support all kinds of creativity, including: painting, drawing, sculpture, poetry, dance, theatre, performance, cabaret, film, crafts, traditional cultural arts, digital/gaming, cooking, and everything in-between!


You can apply with an activity that is open to the public to attend, or for a specific group e.g. a women’s social or support group.


If you are already planning to run an established activity or event for IWD 2023, you are welcome to apply. This funding must go towards a new element of your event or activity.


If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some examples of activity that you could run:

An open mic event for women musicians or poets
An arts & crafts workshop for mums & tots
A life drawing class
A sewing workshop & fashion show
A film night
A writing & wellbeing workshop
A social meet-up gaming night
A cultural dance performance
A photography class
… or something completely different!


The £400 support can cover the cost of venue hire, workshop materials, professional artists or performers or activity leaders, refreshments, and anything else associated with putting on your activity.

A successful proposal will need to offer the following as a minimum: 

A creative activity or performance led by someone who identifies as being female

Engage audience and participants who identify as women and their friends and allies

Align with the principles of International Womens Day (see above)

Held in an accessible indoor space with comfortable seating areas.

Be adequately staffed and fully insured.

Offer free warm drinks/refreshments.

Be open to sharing information and advice on activities and services for women and also on keeping warm, tackling cost of living etc (these may be provided by third parties and we can support you in sharing information)

Activities / events must take place on or around International Women’s Day (8 March 2023).

If the amount requested doesn’t cover the total costs of your activity then you will need to show how additional costs will be covered.


As with all of the Peterborough Presents projects, we want our activities to support people’s wellbeing. This means that we ask artists and activity coordinators to consider how their proposals can help people to:

Connect: Come together, make friends and connect with their community
Take notice: be aware of the world around you, take ‘time-out’ and reflect
Be active
Give: do something for a friend, a stranger, your communities
Learn a new skill
Help the world and the environment

Download a simple application form / checklist here

as a word doc


To apply, you will need to

  1. Write a proposal of up to 500 words or create a video of up to 5 minutes long, outlining your project idea including a simple budget illustrating how the money will be spent
  2. Complete our monitoring form by clicking here
  3. Send your proposal (including a sentence confirming you’ve completed the monitoring form) to:

Deadline for proposals is 31st January 2023


In your proposal, please include:

Your name/organisation & contact details

Proposed name of your idea (if you have one)

A summary of what you want to do with the funds (who, what, where, when, and why)

How many people will participate

When it will happen

Potential outcome or benefit to the people involved

Your experience of delivering similar types of activity

Amount requested including any additional access costs. (We can also provide additional cash / funds specifically to make your work accessible, this could include having a BSL interpreter, specific print such as braille, etc.

Peterborough Presents will help to market your event via our social media and digital networks. You will also need to consider how you publicise the event and spread the word in order to reach your audience.


* We don’t cover large equipment costs, however we can cover the cost of materials and / or equipment hire

* Please only ask for the amount you need. Don’t feel you have to request the full £400 limit. We only have a limited budget and can support more projects if lower amounts are requested.



If you are successful, we will require you to:

Keep a record of the numbers of people attending your event

Ensure that 10% of your audience / participants complete our visitor survey. This can be done on paper surveys which we will provide, or as an e-survey.

Collect the postcodes of as many people attending your event as possible

Recognise the support of Peterborough Presents and Arts Council England in any publicity around the event / activity

Provide advance information about your event / activity (including images) to help Peterborough Presents promote your activities along with others we are funding. This should include any access information relating to the activity and the venue. Peterborough Presents staff can support you in this.

Provide receipts relating to the expenditure (venue hire, artists invoices, receipts for materials etc)


If you have any questions regarding your idea or proposal, please don’t hesitate to contact us on or by messaging or calling 07436 031343

Click here to download an audio description telling you what this funding is for

Click here to download an audio description of how to apply for this funding

How to tell us you are interested