Lantern Making Workshop!


Last chance to make a lantern before the Eye Lantern Parade!

It’s nearly time for ‘Light Up Eye’ and the Villages beautiful Lantern Parade…

…and to make sure that as many people from Eye village can take part in this one night of spectacles, community and performances, on the 5th and 6th November we are holding the last of the public lantern making workshops before the big event.

About the workshop…

In these free creative sessions, villagers can make a lantern for themselves or for their families so that they can become an important part of the parade – a sea of glowing handmade lanterns, creating light in these darker times.

These workshops are also a chance for Eye residents to come and meet the team and La Septima who are leading the parade and ask questions, offer stories and get involved too.

No experience necessary for the lantern making, all materials are provided and the workshops are for free. All ages welcome too, but under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult

*Drop in from 11am-4pm on Saturday 5th or Sunday 6th of November.

*Where: Eye Youth Club, next to Eye Library

*Price: FREE
*No booking required but you can speak to Keely at,
07436 031383, or PM us to let us know you’re coming or ask any questions if you’d like – so we can make sure we have enough biscuits and cuppa’s for you all.

*The space is accessible for people who use wheelchairs & pushchairs

***We have already made over 100 lanterns together!***
So many local groups have been working together and enjoying making these handmade creations that will create community light! A welcome light during these dark times

Accessibility info:
*This workshop and the big event and route through Eye is wheelchair friendly.
*No flashing lights to be used. The lights will be glowing within the handmade lanterns (they will strictly not be flashing lights).
*We are an inclusive event and organisation. E.D.I is important to us.

To book on the main Lantern Parade event, please visit:…/eye-village-lantern…

Visit La Septima website:


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