Millfield Magical History Tour


Part 2: Buildings and Stories

 Explore the hidden history of Millfield like you have never seen before with Deljit Singh

Italian ice cream (sorry, I mean gelato), bollywood films, changing landscapes, demolished buildings, the best fish and chips in town, cultural heritage… what more could you want from a magical history tour??

Film by Emily Steele Cine-Sister
Additional Images courtesy of Chris Porsz and Peterborough Images

Huge thanks to Deljit Singh for his idea and his passion!

This film is part of a series of filmed memory tours. Click the button below to watch part 1.

Wow Thankyou so much I so enjoyed listening and watching your video. Brings back some good memories xx

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Sandra Keating

About Deljit

Deljit Singh grew up on Cromwell Road in the 1960s. His Dad owned ‘Rathore Continental Store’, which is known as the first “ethnically owned shop in Peterborough”. Deljit and his family have been incredible community ambassadors, doing mountains of charity and community work. They’ve done this as individuals and also through the Sikh temple.

Growing up Del was also well-known as a Sikh Heavy Rock DJ, and would often be found at a local community hall mixing on the decks.

Del is also a keen runner and often runs half-marathons for charity.

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