Orton Art Club and Herlington Mural



In 2019, an Orton commissioning panel and Peterborough Presents commissioned artist Kaitlin Ferguson, (who grew up in Orton) to create new pieces of art work to brighten up the Herlington centre.   

Kaitlin was about to set up workshops with young people from the area to help with this but then 2020 happened and so did Covid. After a break imposed by lockdowns, Kaitlin led up to 8 workshops online with around fifteen, 11–16-year-olds who are mostly from the Orton area. In a few weeks, the group became Orton Art Club. They sketched, drew, collaged and shared their work. It was a very welcoming and creative environment. In this time, a site for a mural was decided upon which would not only put some colour and vibrancy in the area but showcase young Ortonites and their talent.  

Art club workshops

After the workshops all of Orton Art Club with Peterborough Presents help, posted their work to Kaitlin and she then used their sketchbooks as inspiration for a mural design. Kaitlin designed a few drafts for the Orton Art Club and then got the club back together and they voted for the design they liked the most.  

Unfortunately, with other lockdowns and Covid problems, the project got delayed but with Spring comes new hope and new murals. The Herlington mural will be installed in the early part of 2022, with a celebration event planned for the grand opening around Jubilee weekend. We can’t wait for the mural to be in place and for people’s reactions from both Orton Art Club and shoppers at the Herlington centre.  


Even when we are apart, we are still together

Orton Art Club

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