Spread Your Wings: Design Competition


The project

This competition is part of our Spread Your Wings project. We will be working with groups from across the city to create large scale birds of paradise to be displayed at Peterborough Celebrates Festival. We will create a flightless flock of birds that will be brighter than a flamingo and flashier than a peacock. Together they will be ruffling their feathers and welcoming people to the festival. However, we have one bird that is still looking for someone special to design it’s plumage. This is your chance to design one of these birds.


The Competition

Do you need an excuse to draw or create? Do you like birds? Drawing? Designing? Making? Would you like to have your art displayed in a unique way at this year’s Peterborough Celebrates Festival?

Help us by designing an Ostrich sized bird that shows off the things that you love. That’s right, download the template below and start to create a bird of paradise that tells the world what you feel needs to be shouted about. Just make it big, make it bright, make it bold, make it beautiful. It’s YOUR bird of paradise. 

If your entry hits the top of the pecking order then artist Jason Duckmanton will recreate your design and it will be featured at Peterborough Celebrates Festival from the 19th to 21st of May and your bird will be seen by at least 20,000 people.

This is a competition for everyone (from Peterborough and the immediate villages).  We welcome entries from those who might be a doodler through to the next Michelangelo.  

How to Enter

  • Download the design template and the competition entry form using the links below.
    (Note: Please download these before completing them rather than completing them online.)
    We will also have print-outs available of the design template. You can collect these, free of charge, from Metal, Chauffeurs Cottage, 1 St Peters Rd, Peterborough, PE1 1YX or drop us an email and we can send one to you (peterboroughpresents@neneparktrust.org.uk)


  • Doodle, draw (including digital artwork), write a poem or message on the template. You can then send it back to us via email, post or message.

  • We will accept PDFs and word docs as well as photos of your design. Please make sure that any photos or images are well lit, bright and we can see all of your lovely designs. 

  • You can be expert doodler, the next Michalangelo or somewhere in between. We are looking for creativity, not who can draw the best. 

  • Take inspiration for your design from the following: favourite colours (as many as you like), favourite patterns,things you love,things that make you happy or bring joy,  your idea of paradise or heaven, messages of hope, commonsense, kindness that you want others to see, parts of nature that make you happy, heroes and people you love. 

  • You can work alone or with a friend, group, member of your family on your design. Just tell us who worked with you. 

  • Send your design back to us by Friday 31st March (allow time for the post to reach us)

  • Send it to us via email at peterboroughpresents@neneparktrust.org.uk   You can send them via phone: 07436 031343  Or post them to us at: Spread Your WIngs, Chauffeurs Cottage, 1 St Peter’s Rd, Peterborough, PE1 1YX  

  • Make sure you fill out the contact details on the design. 

  • Peterborough Presents will select a winner with a team of judges the week of the 3rd of April and we will let the winner know by the 12th of April  

  • The winner will also get to see their design be painted on Saturday the 29th of April at Studio 4 which is at The Undercroft at Serpentine Green shopping centre, Hampton. 

*Please note the button below takes you to a Google Doc. To download, click on  the arrow on the right hand side, this means you will not need to request access.*

*If any problems then please email peterboroughpresents@neneparktrust.org.uk and we can send it to you. *

About Peterborough Celebrates Festival

Peterborough Celebrates is a free-to-attend, family-orientated festival in Ferry Meadows that will bring communities together and celebrate everything that defines our fantastic city.

It will take place in Ferry Meadows across the weekend of 19th – 21st May and will include a variety of music, entertainment, activities and cultural attractions creating a fun packed festival for everyone to experience and enjoy. To find out more about the festival visit: https://www.nenepark.org.uk/peterborough-celebrates


Closing Date for submitting your design: Friday 31st March 2023
Winners notified: 12th April
Peterborough Celebrates Festival – and display of the flock of birds: 19th – 21st May