Spread Your Wings 


About This Project

Peterborough Presents, alongside Orton Makers and artist Rose Croft are producing another project with a lot of local flavour & pride for Peterborough Celebrates in May.  

We are asking groups, schools and individuals to help us design and make Ostrich sized birds that represent their sense of pride & show off their creativity.  This flock will then be installed at Peterborough Celebrates festival which praises and shines a light on what is great about the city.  

Using birds of paradise as a theme, each bird will represent an area of the city, including people’s ideas of paradise or messages of hope. This flightless installation will be brighter than a flamingo or flashier than a peacock.  

From now till May, four artists ( find out more about them below) will be working with community groups in some of our areas like Orton, Eye, Millfield and Westwood to create their bird.  

Plus, we are launching a city-wide competition so you could also have your design made into a bird and painted by a professional artist. We are launching the competition on the 6th of March. All the information on how to enter is available using the link below.

Plus, keep an eye on this project and follow us on social media @peterboroughpresents and please visit this herd of colourful birds over the Peterborough Celebrates weekend. 


These are the artists that are co-creating this flock of pride.

Rose Croft is an Artist, Storyteller and Creative Practitioner based in Spalding and Peterborough.  

Rose works to engage people with art, story and nature in ways that forge life long connections.   

Through her creative work Rose aims to capture and share the simple joy within us brought out by the world we live in by using colour and focusing on the process of making and doing. 



Amanda Rigby is an artist, designer and creative illustrator. She is passionate about social change and co-founded Paper Rhino, a workers’ co-op, so that she, and other creatives, could use their skills to promote ethical ways of working. 

Amanda studied Visual Arts at University and went straight into Editorial design. As an Art Editor she developed a flexible, resilient approach to design and a love of collaboration and skill sharing. 

In her own practice she is currently exploring themes of the body, particularly moments of sensation, blood rushing as a response to touch and how the imagination is a hidden story running constantly throughout our interactions. She is fascinated by the difference between our calm, polished exterior and the turmoil of our deepest inner thoughts. 


Jason Duckmanton is a freelance artist and a director of the co-operative design agency, Paper Rhino.

He received formal training in art and design from Lincoln University, where he honed his skills in painting, drawing, and graphic design. Jason has exhibited his artwork extensively around the world, from small galleries to major art exhibitions.

His artwork is known for its macabre themes mixed with melancholic, surrealist imagery, which he expresses through both digital and traditional painting techniques. 


Korp is an artist, illustrator, teacher and project manager based at the Undercroft in Peterborough. Most of his work is completed using marker pens, spray paints and stencils and usually features an army of mutated worms.

Korp is also the founder of the Korp Academy where he teaches step by step lessons showing people how easy it is to draw.