After School Paint Sesh

11-12 May, 3pm – 6pm, 13 May 12pm – 3pm, Westwood Streets


About This Event

Free to take part!

Join artists Nikki and Keith to experiment with marker pens and spray paint, creating a massive artwork to be displayed in Westwood. Everyone is welcome and you can stay for ten minutes or the whole session – there will be snacks.  Drop by and add your mark!

11 May – 3pm til 6pm
12 May – 3pm til 6pm
13 May – 12pm til 3pm

Venue: Streets of Westwood between Deene Court and Westwood shops.

If it’s raining we will relocate to the alleyway with the mural at Hampton Court shops in the centre of Westwood.

What to expect

Expect chill vibes and a chance to express yourself using marker pens, spray paint, and other arty materials. There will be three activities taking place:
– Pebble painting
– Giant and mini paper aeroplane making & decorating
– Massive group painting & doodling
– Graffiti mini canvases

You can drop in for five minutes to do a quick doodle, or spend longer creating your own work of art to take home. No skill or experience required, anyone can add their mark whether you’re arty or not.

The event will be outdoors on the streets between Deene Court and Hampton Court shops. Aprons, masks and protective wear will be provided, but you may want to nip home and get changed out of your uniform first!


Access Info

The event will take place outside on grass next to public footpaths.

The event will be open access.

The tarpaulin for the massive painting will be on the ground, and will be lifted up should anyone require it.

There will be spray paint fumes and permanent markers as part of the activity.

Aprons, goggles, masks, gloves will be provided.


About Nikki # Keith

Nikki Goldup & Keith Hopewell are Black & White Creative based in Bury St Edmunds. They have over 20 years experience as artists, and have worked all over the country creating murals, sculptures and installations with local communities. Click their pictures below to be taken to their websites and find out more about their work. 

Nikki is sat on a wooden floor with her right knee bent, casually held by her arms. She has bright red, short curly hair with a full fringe, She is wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. Beside her are a collection of decorated wooden blocks.
Keith is stood in front of one of his murals on a wall. The mural is an abstract, sketchy black circle with flashes of red. Keith has short grey hair, is wearing a black coat and dark blue jeans. He is stood with his two italian greyhound dogs.