Westwood Encounters:
Lead Creative

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The project

In brief: Peterborough Presents is looking for up to x3 Lead Artist/Creative(s) to create a new programme of outdoor, pop-up activities in Westwood / Ravensthorpe, Peterborough.

Deadline: 19 February 2023

The full artists brief is available as a word document or audio files. Please scroll down to find the relevant download buttons.

Some background information

The overall aim for Westwood Encounters is to run a series of pop-up, outdoor events and creative activity that is relevant and inspiring for local audiences. Westwood Encounters will be open to anyone, and hopes to engage two key audiences: men and young people. The events will be themed on play, or encourage playful use of outdoor spaces.

You can apply to lead one “Encounter”, all three “Encounters”, or submit your proposal for both options. The Encounters are broken down as follows:

Encounter 1 (April 2023) – target audience: Men
Encounter 2 (May 2023) – target audience: Young people
Encounter 3 (June/July 2023) – Westwood’s Got Talent – target audience: All

Please download the brief for more information about the target audiences and their interests.

The job role (creative brief)

The Lead Creative will be responsible for the creative vision and content of their “Encounter”.

Each Encounter may flex depending on the needs of the project – for example, it may be a one-off day, or a series of smaller events throughout the month. The Lead Creative will be expected to meet with the panel or run some kind of informal engagement or consultation session to respond to their target audience. There will also be an Associate Creative who may or may not be the same artistic discipline, who will also be supporting the delivery of the Encounter.

The overall aim is to create an Encounter that responds to the local community’s needs and interests, is playful, and allows opportunities for people to participate, watch, and create. Part of the Encounter must involve the creation of something that can be displayed or showcased at Westwood’s Got Talent in June/July 2023.

We expect the Lead Creative will be responsible for the following:

– Engaging with audience and participants, asking questions, listening, getting to know local people and their interests
– Leading on artistic direction and content of their “Encounter” in response to the local community
– Leading an event/activity that will allow people to create something to be proud of
– Working with Peterborough Presents to support the overall logistics and infrastructure of your Encounter, such as sourcing materials, budgeting, and risk assessments
– Actively involves the community in creating content and in the final production. How this happens is up to the artist
– An aspect of each Encounter must contribute to Westwood’s Got Talent. For example, if your “Encounter” is a drawing workshop, the drawings created could form an exhibition at Westwood’s Got Talent
– Is accessible to a wide demographic of people, including those with disabilities
– Is free to take part in (Note: Peterborough Presents may introduce a donations option at any final event)

Selection Criteria

We are looking for:

– Artists or Creatives of all disciplines including visual art, performance, installation, outdoor arts, street art, poetry, music, dance, theatre, photography, and film.
– Artists or Creatives with at least 3 years’ experience of working with communities
– Artists or Creatives with experience of producing work for a variety of audiences
– Artists or Creatives who are confident to be on the ground meeting people and running activity
– Artists or Creatives with some experience of Event Management / Creative Producing
– We particularly welcome applications from artists who have a personal connection to the area / region.
– Artists or Creatives who are passionate about helping people to tell their stories or express opinions.
– Artists or Creatives with experience of delivering high quality engagement as well as high quality artistic outputs.


Peterborough Presents is committed to championing diversity in all its forms, particularly those who are underrepresented in the arts. We welcome the unique contributions that artists from all walks of life can bring in terms of their education, culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, nation of origin, age, languages spoken, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and personal beliefs and opinions. As part of this process, we also monitor the demographics of artists who are applying for roles. This helps us to identify if we are reaching creatives from a range of backgrounds and, if not, how we can make changes to make this possible.


Artists payment and expenses:

– If you are applying to run one Encounter, artist payment is £2000 + expenses
– If you are applying to run all three Encounters, artist payment is £6000 + expenses

(expenses to be confirmed with the successful Lead Creative upon contracting)


Production costs (materials, sound / lighting / exhibition costs):

– Up to £2500 per Encounter
– For Encounters 1 & 2, you may not need the total production/materials budget, and we don’t expect you to spend money for the sake of it.
– We anticipate Westwood’s Got Talent may need slightly more budget to account for infrastructure costs e.g sound and lighting, so any underspend will contribute towards Westwood’s Got Talent activity.


– We are open to the budget being divided up differently but this is the total budget available.
– We anticipate that Lead Artists/Creatives will spend approx. 6 days per Encounter working on the project. If you are applying for all 3 Encounters, we anticipate that the Lead Artist/Creative will spend approx. 12-15 days in total.
– Fees are inclusive of any costs associated with creating the work.
– We have a separate budget for marketing and access support for audience / participants.
– Artists must have their own Public Liability Insurance and be registered as self-employed.
– Artists must also be available to take part in reflective and evaluative discussions about their work, during and at the end of the project.


Closing Date for Applications: Sunday 19th February 2023
Project timeline:
Encounter 1 (Men) April 2023
Encounter 2 (Young People) May 2023
Encounter 3 (Westwood’s Got Talent) June/July 2023
Evaluation: June/July 2023

How To Apply

Please submit:

– A CV or biography
– 3 – 4 examples of your work
– Answer the questions below
– Complete a quick demographics survey

We will accept:

– A written application (e.g. word document or pdf)
– An audio application in mp3 or wav format
– A video application in mp4 format

Applications should be sent to: peterboroughpresents@neneparktrust.org.uk

The deadline for applications is Sunday 19th February2023.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about this programme, please call/text Charley on 07435 985935 or email charley.genever@neneparktrust.org.uk

Questions to answer:

  1. Tell us about yourself, your work, and your creative inspiration. (500 words or 5 minutes maximum)


  1. Tell us about your skills and any experience you have relevant to this role. (500 words or 5 minutes max)


  1. Tell us about how this role will help you develop as a creative (300 words or 3 minutes maximum)


  1. Tell us about an idea for a creative project you would love to see happen in Peterborough someday. (500 words or 5 minutes maximum)
  • This could be an idea you’ve had for Westwood Encounters, or some other idea that you would love to see happen in Peterborough.
  • It could be an idea involving your own creative work, the work of other local or national creatives, or something completely different
  • Tell us about the idea and why you would love to see it happen


  1. Please send us 3 – 4 examples of your work & links to websites/social media