Westwood Youth
Creative Group

2nd December 2022
16:30 – 18:00


About The Group

Peterborough Presents are putting on creative events in Westwood in 2023 and we need your help! Over four months, you will design creative projects and help bring them to life by picking professional creatives to come and work in Westwood/Ravensthorpe.

Imagine if the whole of Westwood became a giant game of Minecraft, or there was jaw-dropping parkour performances in the basketball court, or Tiktok art streamed onto the walls of buildings, or there was a space for you and your friends to hang out and get creative with no rules or expectations. At the Westwood Youth Creative Group, any idea could come to life!

Absolutely anyone aged 14-19 can take part. It’s a small, monthly commitment and can fit around school/college/work. As a group you’ll get to decide what creative projects/ideas happen in your neighbourhood.

What you get

Make new friends irl while doing something that quiets your boredom, builds your creativity, and supports your local community. You get to shape what projects happen, do stuff that is relevant to your own interests, and have loads of fun.

Plus, we’ll provide lots of snacks and games at the meetings. It’s also something unique that you can put on your CV.


Come # find out more

Friday 2nd December

4.30pm – 6pm

Westraven Community Cafe, Hampton Court, Westwood, PE3 7JA

Free snacks, games, and find out more about Westwood Youth Creative Group

 If you are under 16, you will need to fill in the sign-up form with a responsible adult (a parent or guardian)

A photo of a child spray painting onto a heavily graffitied wall.