Lantern Parade Frequently Asked Questions  





Useful info and Frequently asked questions

How do I get a ticket to take part in the Lantern parade? 

Please note that the parade is currently fully booked. 

Please note that we are limiting the numbers taking part in the parade for safety reasons and to ensure a good viewing experience for those who have booked. 

Can I watch the parade but not take part?  

Yes, Residents are welcome to watch the parade along the High Street. Please see the route for viewing spaces that will be the safest and easiest.  

An illustration of the parade route. If you need an audio description of this, please get in touch,

I have a ticket booked, where do I go and what should I expect? 

Please arrive at the back of Manor Farm Community Centre by 6.15pm ready for a 6.30pm start. 

If you have pre-made lantern to collect, please arrive between 6.00 and 6.15pm and tell one of our parade assistants your name and the lantern you need to collect who will hand it out to you.  

The Lantern Parade will last around an hour.  We will start at the rear of the community centre at 6:30pm. It will end at the back of St Matthews Church. Please make your way home from there. 

The Lantern Parade route will start from the back of the Manor Farm Community Centre, along the backs of Cleve Place and Merevale Drive, up Bath Road, along the High Street and end at St Matthews Church. Please see the attached map. 

The parade will stop at a number of points to enjoy music and performances.  

Please note that the ground may be uneven at points in the parade. When walking in the parade, please take care of the surface beneath your feet, watching out for curbs and obstacles (bollards, garden planters etc). 


Road closure: Eye High Street (affecting Bath Road), 6:30pm-8pm 

Eye High Street will be closed to traffic from just before Bath Rd to Crowland Rd for the duration of the parade. Bath Road will also be closed to moving traffic as the parade passes through the area. The exit to Bath Road onto the High Street is also closed.  

The road closures are for the safety of the participants and performers. It has been authorised by Peterborough City Council and the Highways Agency. 20/20 Traffic Management company will be managing the road closure.  


Redirected Bus routes: Busses will not travel along the High Street for the duration of the event. Temporary Bus stops will be set up on Cartmel Way and Crowland Rd to replace the ones on the High Street. Buses will collect and drop off at these points but will be redirected via the A47. This will only impact 1-2 buses arriving or departing between 6:30pm-8pm.  


Car Parking:  

Public parking in Eye is EXTREMELY limited. We advise people not to park on the high street or in the front of any residential houses or streets, unless you know the household. This is for safety and also to ensure goodwill of residents of the village. 

We are encouraging people to walk to the start walk if they are from the village. If you are travelling from outside of the village, we would encourage you to get a bus, taxi or bike if possible.  

The Number 36 and 37 buses travel from bay 16 at Queensgate bus station in the city centre to the village. The last bus back to Peterborough leaves Eye at 20:18pm. You can find further details here.

If you have mobility needs then contact the Peterborough Presents team and we can provide more information about our access plans.  


Photography and film: 

Please note that we will have an official event photographer on site as well as an official videographer. By taking part in the parade or watching from the side-lines you are likely to be included. These images and film footage will be shared on the Peterborough Presents website or social media and that of our partners and funders (including Arts Council England, Nene Park Trust and Eye Parish Council). These images will help to promote what we do, future community events and a positive image of Eye. 

If you wish to take photos or videos then please do tag us on social media @peterboroughpresents and #LightUpEyeParade 


Lights, Lanterns:  

Please do come lit up. This might be with a lantern you have made in a workshop or at home or decorating yourself with battery lights or even your dog. 

If you have made a lantern in a workshop or at home, please bring it with you. Remember to save the batteries by only turning your lantern on at the start of the parade. 

If you have pre-made lantern to collect, please arrive between 6 – 6.15pm at the latest. 

We would ask that you use static lights instead of flashing lights. This is to prevent people being affected by seizures. 

If you have not made a lantern, then take a look at our webpage which has some ideas as to how to make your own. Click here to see some examples.

 We advise that you use LED / battery-powered lights instead of tea lights / naked flames. 

You might also choose to light up your house if it’s on the parade route. 

Be creative, bring a torch, wear colourful clothes or costumes, whatever takes your fancy!  


We will be assessing the weather conditions regularly in the days before and lead up to the parade. If we expect extreme windy or wet weather, we will contact all people that are booked onto the parade to let you know our plans. We will also share this information on our social media and with Eye Community Chat Group- Peterborough. The weather forecast currently looks good! 

What should I wear? 

It is a dark November evening. Please do wear warm clothing, hats and gloves. There will be moments when you are stationary so, please prepare to keep warm. Please wear sturdy, flat footwear and be aware that the ground might sometimes be uneven. Please bring a torch if you wish. 

Food/ Refreshments 

House of Feasts kiosk will be at Manor Farm Community Centre from 6:30pm-9:30pm serving a hot menu. And the other food outlets are open in the village.  

House of Feasts will be taking cash payments only. 


First Aid:  

We have two professional first aiders from VTS Event Medical who are walking the parade with us and other first aid trained people in the team. If you require first aid at any point please speak to a member of the team in high-vis. 


Lost Children: 

If someone is lost our safeguarding lead will be informed and will look after any lost children. Manor Farm Community Centre will be a meeting point for any lost persons. Please find a member of staff with an event radio if you have any concerns.  


We have tried to find a parade route that is as accessible as possible. There is a kissing gate to get through at the start of the parade and an area of small cobbles as we enter Bath Road. Staff will be on hand to help should you need support. 

We are asking people to use static lights instead of flashing lights. This is to prevent people being affected by seizures. We will try to this as much as is possible but cannot be 100% sure.