Why Peterborough?

We live in a magnificent city of many stories and experiences. We may work in neighbourhoods but we also love to work with people from across the city.

There is a city

In 2018 poet Clare Currie captured our love of the city in this great poem ‘There is a City…’

1000 Moments

Back in 2019 we ran a project called #1000 Moments asking the lovely residents of Peterborough to name their favourite moments and places in the city.

Over the next 3 years, our ambition is to take some of your memories and places and use them as inspiration for new events and activities.

For example, someone told us that being Bretton Princess was their moment, when they were made to feel special for a day. This inspired Bretton Royalty and then Peterborough Royalty. These projects allowed us to make someone feel special, to thank them creatively for making a difference to an individual or even for a community. We also created a Lullaby for Peterborough, to allow new parents and their babies to come together and celebrate after the lockdown. 

Your favourite places and moments

You don’t need us to tell you what’s great about Peterborough, you’ve said it in your own words. Here are some of your #1000 Moments that tell us why this city is special. 

The cinema at the Key Theatre in Peterborough’s best kept secret – we take our grandchildren. The Staff are friendly, it’s a really good price. We are grateful. 

#1000 Moment participant

Eid in the park with prayer and food brings all the communities together with lots of activities.

#1000 Moment participant

Central Park is a great place to play hide and seek and play in the sand pit. Has lovely coffee shops- it’s local and has beautiful trees. 

#1000 Moment participant

At first glance the town looks modern but as you walk around you are in for a treat. A town that has a beautiful 900 year old cathedral. Friendly people, interesting town. 

#1000 Moment participant

I love the Museum in Peterborough, it is my 2nd home. I go there several times a week, the coffee shop and the free exhibitions.

#1000 Moment participant

I can get all ingredients I need for my cooking on Lincoln Road + Gladstone Street

#1000 Moment participant

Battle Lines at The Ostrich. Cool, relaxing, can’t believe this is in Peterborough

#1000 Moment participant

Long Summers in the lido, because it is amazing to swim outdoors especially with a membership you can spend the whole day there.

#1000 Moment participant

Our 10th birthday

In 2024 Peterborough Presents will be 10-years old. We will be working with different communities to create one big birthday celebration. A bit of a ‘bring your own’ party where people bring a bit of their own culture and creativity. We don’t know what it will involve as yet but keep checking our website and social media to find out how to get involved. 

What’s going on?

See events that are happening in and around the city
Westwoof Community Dog Walk

Westwoof Community Dog Walk

December 11, 2022

Wrap up warm and join us for a community dog walk/meet up at Westwood green space outside High Lees. See the doggie superstars of the Westwoof artwork display. Free treats for all who come!

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