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Things To Do

Festivals, performances, exhibitions, workshops and planning meetings, there’s lots going on. Click the pics below to find out what’s coming up at Peterborough Presents…
A photo of an older person painting at a craft workshop. She is holding a paintbrush in her right hand and has made some colourful doodles on a scrap of paper. A mug and painting equipment are also on the desk

Orton Makers – Creative workshop

Orton     Every Tuesday (term times)!

A collage of bird and bird crafting images from program Spread Your Wings. Includes pictures of children, artists and families creating birds from templates and painting large wooden birds too.

Spread Your Wings – Craft Zone and Bird installation at P’boro Celebrates

Ferry Meadows – Orton    20/5/23

Peterborough Celebrates Festival with Peterborough Presents giant flags in the background

Peterborough Celebrates Festival

Ferry Meadows – Orton     20/05/23

Areas We Work In

Peterborough Presents focuses on specific areas of the city, working with residents over 2 – 3 years to create new, inspiring, fun and relevant creative programmes. Click below to find out more about the neighbourhoods we’re currently working in as well as our work across the city as a whole.






Useful Stuff

If you’re interested in delivering your own creative activities and programmes, here’s a few toolkits, top tips, case studies and research that you might find useful…
A person holding up their customised textile flowers. They are wearing glasses. They are smiling.

Creativity and Wellbeing: a case study

Julie Fernandez, sitting in her wheelchair looking at the camera, smiling, with a wine glass in her hand.

Top Tips: a bit of learning about Access

A young girl in a patterned jacket draws onto a wall with a red felt-tip pen

Data Driven Decision Making: a case study

Want To Get Involved?

There's always something going on in Peterborough, so there are loads of ways you can get involved with our projects and events.
Just fill out the expression of interest form below with your contact details and let us know what kind of projects you'd like to join in with, then someone from Peterborough Presents will be in touch.

Interesting Stuff

From short films about Everyday Creatives to poems and films about our local neighbourhoods we’ll keep posting ‘interesting stuff’ here for you to look at over a cup of tea…

Why hyper-local? 

A 60 second film about why we are lyper local and community focused.

Growing Together

A 7-minute documentary about the people of Westraven community garden.

Magical History Tour Part 4

Deljit Singh’s seventeen minute memory tour of Peterborough City Centre.

Bretton Royalty

A ten minute documentary about Bretton Royalty: people saying thanks to those around them.