Millfield Link – a Case Study


About this case study

Millfield Link was a epic yet amazing project spanning 2017 – 2021. Working with the Millfield community we used art and creativity to find and tell the stories of residents past and present.

This case study brings together the insights, learning and challenges of the project. It is written by Peterborough Presents external evaluator Jamie Buttrick of JB Research. It is based on interviews and surveys with key partners, artists and the community.

Peterborough Presents is an ‘action research’ project. This means that we like to understand what works and doesn’t work within our projects. We learn from this and share this learning with others. Our case studies are a way of us doing this with the support of our external evaluator.

This case study of the Millfield Link project explores the breadth and impact of the work of Peterborough Presents in the Millfield area of the city between 2017-21 in the context of building and highlighting ‘trust, love and heart in Millfield’. Based on interviews and surveys with key partners, artists and the community, it highlights the rationale for the programme’s activity and documents the process and stories intertwined with the creative outputs. It also outlines the lessons for future creative activities in Millfield and other areas of Peterborough.  

“The stories are built on trust between the artist and community”

Millfield Link artist

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