Creativity and Wellbeing
– a Case Study


About this case study

Peterborough Presents is all about working with people in different neighbourhoods and developing fun, creative projects together. Back in 2021, partly because of the pandemic, people were telling us that supporting people’s wellbeing was hugely important. We have since tried to make this a core part of what we do.


This case study, by our external evaluator Jamie Buttrick, looks at the impact of creative activities on the wellbeing of participants, attendees, creative practitioners and communities. It includes an introduction to what wellbeing ‘looks like’ and how it can be measured. We’re always learning but Jamie pulls together some of the learning from a number of our projects. We hope you find it useful. Just click on the button below to read or download it.

“It’s given me something to look forward to and improved my mental wellbeing. I’m not indoors all the time and I’m meeting new people – it’s a social thing. I used to just retreat into my own space but I’m even taking the bus now. You need a purpose in life or it becomes monotonous”

Workshop participant

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