Blink of an Eye



Blink of an Eye is one of our small commissions in Eye.  Peterborough Presents wanted to use this short project to connect, develop and work with a local creative.

We also wanted to use this as a way for people in Eye to get to know us and also be intrigued by other projects that we will be doing there. We wanted to find out if writing, poetry or creative writing are activities that people in Eye might enjoy and perhaps inspire further commissions.

Blink of an Eye poem by Malika speaks 

This poem was written beautifully by Malika who grew up in Eye. It is now available to watch on Peterborough Presents social media platforms, YouTube and now our website! Shot on location in the village, this is a real legacy of the project.  Filmed by long-time collaborator Red 7 Productions.

Malika Speaks

Poet, workshop leader, Mental Health activist and former Peterborough Poet Laureate, Malika Speaks lives in Eye. Through discussions with Peterborough Presents Malika expressed a deep-seated love and respect for the village, its communities, beauty and neighbours.

This became the basis of the Blink of an Eye Poetry project. Peterborough Presents commissioned Malika to write a poem of dedication to the Village and to say thanks for how it has nurtured her and her creativity. The poem has been shared in the EyeScan magazine which goes to every household in the village.  Malika also led a poetry workshop in the village in February 2022 using Eye and the idea of being commissioned as an inspiration.  

Peterborough Presents is turning some of the poem into a postcard. These will be available at future events in the Village as a way of sharing the poem in a different way.


I look out into the world with my community behind me, I may leave Eye one day, but Eye. Eye will beat inside my heart endlessly

Malika Speaks

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