Dungeons and Dragons Beginners: Monday

Monday 6 March, 7 – 9pm 

Angle Gaming Lounge, 939 Lincoln Rd, Peterborough, PE4 6AF   


Ever fancied at go at role play but don’t know where to start. Here’s your chance to take part in a women-only Dungeons and Dragons evening led by female identifying Games Masters. Part of International Womens Day. 


Booking details

Places are limited – to book visit:

Dungeons and Dragons Beginners Night Booking Link

£2 refundable deposit per person to secure the place.

There are 2 campaigns each night (Monday or Tuesday). You get to chose which of two Games Masters you work with. Their bios are below.


About Your Games Masters:


Tasha P is a GM who likes to take a less than traditional approach to Dungeons and Dragons. The first time she played D&D was back when the 4thEdition was still new (and relevant!)  but she’s relatively new to running campaigns.

For her D&D sessions, all you need is a “yes and” attitude and you’ll succeed!


About Natasha P’s Campaign: 

You are a member of the Guild of your choice, a law enforcer in the 10th District of Ravnica. Unfortunately, someone didn’t do their job properly and now an Izzet mastermind has escaped! Can you find him and bring him back to justice? If you do, there might just be a pay rise in it for you!




Natasha C has been escaping into various different worlds of Dungeons and Dragons for about four years. As a Dungeon Master their aim is to make sure that everyone has a good time, you don’t need to know any of the rules, you just need to have a willingness to let your imagination run free, work as a team and have fun.


About Tasha’s Campaign:

Sometimes it’s hard being an adventurer. You have just arrived in town and while you and your friends try to enjoy a rare afternoon of downtime, you are rudely interrupted by an unusually woolly quest giver. Will you accept the call to help this frantic fluffy friend? You are heroes after all, and maybe there will be a great reward and of course the fame and glory.

So if you accept the challenge, then join us! You don’t even need to bring anything with you. You will be armed with everything you need to jump straight in, but if you want to bring your own set of dice, notebook or pencils then please feel free.


Venue and access information:

  • Drinks and Snacks provided (no alcohol). Cafe also available
  • The sessions will be located on the ground floor of the Angle venue, in the gaming Lounge, on the side near the Front desk. This is away from the loud arcade machines and VR area.  
  • The venue is wheelchair accessible and staff are on hand to assist with doors or moving between the car park and the gaming lounge if needed.  
  • This will be a sit down session around a large table with the Dungeon Master (DM) who will lead the session and story-tell for all to see and hear clearly.  
  • If you have it, or need it, please bring along any hearing assistant tech (such as an FM system). 
  • The gaming lounge is open to the public, so there will be other games and activities happening in the gaming lounge area too. Efforts will be made to keep the area quiet for you to enjoy your session.  
  • There are also Escape rooms and an axe throwing range located in the venue which share a front desk with the gaming lounge. The Dungeons and Dragons workshop will be held in a separate area 
  • Toilets are located through back of the axe range.  
  • There will be opportunities to have a break from the session if needed.  
  • No equipment needed. Everything provided. If you have a notebook or any gaming dice then bring them along.   
  • Support workers and personal assistants are welcome to come along. 
  • Photos will be taken at the events of people who are happy to be photographed.

Register Your Interest

Places are limited – booking is essential: