About Mint

‘Mint’ was a project that allowed us to reconnect with life and develop a positive mental health as we emerged from the pandemic.
The pandemic created a tough couple of years for many of us. At a time when many of us were struggling to remember what normal was Peterborough Presents worked with artists Sam Roddan, Sue Shields and Emily Bowers to produce MINT, a series of workshops and projects that took the herb Mint as it’s inspiration. 

We created 100 Mint ‘care packs’, a package of goodies including a mint plant, activity sheets, note cards, mint chocolate etc. We gave these out to individuals and through groups across the city, encouraging people to connect with nature and try their hand at something creative. Emily and Sam delivered art workshops at care homes and sheltered accomodation (Kingfisher Court and Lapwing Apartments). They gave out the MINT care packs and spent time drawing, painting cups and chatting together. 

Artist Emily Bowers chatted to many of the recipients of the packs, illustrating their stories and memories and collating these into a MINT booklet. Everyone received one of the booklets as a keepsake with second copy to share with someone else. You can download one for yourself below. 

Westwood Grange Allotments 

Artist Sue Shields set up residence at Westwood Grange allotments. She met with allotment olders, chatting to them about what they were growing, drawing their allotments and gathering recipees. The project recognised the inherent benefits to positive mental health (associated with the 5 ways to wellbeing: Connect, Learn, Be active, Give, Take notice) and connections with nature. Sue created a zine of her sketches, of recipes and top tips that was shared with the allotments owners (1 to keep 1 to share) and were  distributed to the other 24 allotments sites in the city. You can see some of Sue’s drawings in the gallery above. 

Other Projects

Well if you found that fascinating come check out what else we've done!
Sneak Beak- Spread Your Wings

Sneak Beak- Spread Your Wings

Sat, 29 April, 2023
Get an insider’s view at this painting day, pop in and watch artists turn designs from across the city into a flock of giant birds.

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Spread Your Wings

Spread Your Wings

Peterborough Presents, alongside Orton Makers and artist Rose Croft are producing another project with a lot of local flavour & pride for Peterborough Celebrates in May.

We are asking groups, schools and individuals to help us design and make Ostrich sized birds that represent their sense of pride & show off their creativity. This flock will then be installed at Peterborough Celebrates festival which praises and shines a light on what is great about the city.

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