Westwood’s Pretty Patterns


Snaps of Westwood’s green # urban spaces

As part of our first project in Westwood, Westwood Walkway, artist Katie Scott led a pattern-based photography walk for local people.

Using a mixture of smartphones and DSLR cameras, we wandered around the neighbourhood, looking for patterns in nature and architecture. Turns out, there’s patterns in everything and you can make everything look beautiful!

The gallery below includes snaps taken by participants of the walk: Julie and her daughter, Kristy and her daughter Maya, Steve and his daughter, and the Brittles. Plus a few pics by Katie too!

Katie will use these snaps as inspiration for the overall design of the mural she is creating in Westood. You can find out more about that project by clicking here.

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Bretton Royalty

Bretton Royalty (summer 2021) was inspired by a Bretton resident’s experiences of feeling like royalty during the 1995 Bretton Festival, when she was ‘Bretton Festival princess’ for the day. We extended this feeling of being made to feel special by your community, and celebrated Bretton residents.

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