Westwood Walkway


A new mural for Westwood!

In partnership with Big Local, Cross Keys Homes, and Westraven Community Cafe & Garden, Peterborough Presents and Westwood residents have commissioned Katie Scott to create a new mural!

Throughout Spring/Summer 2022, Katie Scott will be hanging out in Westwood, running creative workshops, and working with communities in Westwood who will be the inspiration for the final westwood walkway mural design.

We are very excited to get started with our first big project in Westwood.

In March 2022 a community panel of five people from Westwood met and selected Katie Scott as the Westwood Walkway mural artist.

Over the next few weeks (April – May 2022), Katie will be popping along to coffee mornings, school groups, the garden, and hanging out in the neighbourhood. Through chatting to people she will gather stories and thoughts which will inspire the final design for the new mural.

The mural will replace the existing walkway mural, which was painted fifteen years ago. The mural is pictured on the top right above. Katie also wants to add art to the floor and ceiling too!

Katie wants to make sure that the mural is relevant to the neighbourhood’s people and stories. She wants to celebrate the strong community spirit – the Westwood Whistle, the Westraven community spaces, nature, and people.

Keep an eye out on our social media in April and May, as there will be opportunities for you to get involved in creating this new mural.

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