Westwood Walkway


A new mural for Westwood!

In partnership with Big Local, Cross Keys Homes, and Westraven Community Cafe & Garden, Peterborough Presents and Westwood residents commissioned Katie Scott to create a new mural!

Throughout Spring/Summer 2022, Katie Scott spent time in Westwood running creative workshops and working with communities in Westwood to inspire the design for a beautiful new mural at the Hampton Court shops, Westwood.

In March 2022 a community panel of five people from Westwood met and selected Katie Scott as the Westwood Walkway mural artist. The panel loved the quality of Katie’s art and felt she was the perfect fit for the project.

Over the next few weeks (April – June 2022), Katie popped along to coffee mornings, school groups, the Westraven community garden, and took part in the local Jubilee celebrations.

The mural replaced the existing walkway mural (pictured above), which was painted fifteen years ago. Katie’s ambitious design not only replaced the mural, but filled both walls of the passageway!

Katie made sure that the mural is relevant to the neighbourhood’s people and stories. She wanted to celebrate the strong community spirit – the Westwood Whistle, the Westraven community spaces, nature, and people. She created something bright, bold, and beautiful!

The patterns in the background were also inspired by Year 6 children at Highlees school, and the base layer was painted with the help of a team of volunteers.

Visit the mural!

If you’d like to visit the mural, pop by to the Hampton Court Shops, Westwood, anytime. If you’re driving, use postcode PE3 7JA, which is the postcode for the Westraven Community café next door.

If you do get a chance to visit, make sure you tell us what you think by tagging us @peterboroughpresents on socials!


Saw it this morning was in awe of how pretty this really is! ❤️

How nice the murals are in the café walkway! She has done a great job! 

Good choice of artist, I think!

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