For our fluffy friends in Westwood/Ravensthorpe!

In collaboration with Sacred Black tattoo studio, we will turn 10 local dogs into amazing works of art. For your chance to have your doggy portrait featured in the exhibition, submit a pic of your dog via the form at the bottom of the page. If you can draw, doodle, or paint, you can submit a picture of your dog to be included in the display too!

About Westwoof

One thing we love about the neighbourhood is how many friendly, fluffy, four legged friends we have met. We think they deserve to be creatively celebrated too! Westwoof is also a chance for people to get to know some of their neighbours through a lovely fun bit of creativity.

Westwoof will be a pop-up outdoor display of a selection of doggy superstars in December 2022.
Enter your dog before Friday 4th November 2022 for their chance to be included in the display!

Enter your dog

There are two ways you can enter.

1) You can send in a photo of your dog to be drawn by a professional artist from Scared Black Tattoo Studio. 10 dogs will be selected at random.
2) You can send in a drawing of your dog drawn by you or someone in your home. This is open to both adults and children.

Fill in the form below by clicking the blue button at the bottom of this page. It takes less than five minutes and is completely free to take part.

If you’re sending us a picture of your dog: please make sure it is good quality and the dog’s face is clear and visible. This will help the artists do an accurate drawing.

If you’re sending us a picture of your artwork: please make sure you take a photo in good lighting, taken directly from above, and that there are no shadows in the picture.

– Dogs will be chosen at random
– Westwoof is only open to dogs living in Westwood or Ravensthorpe
– Please only submit your own dog, or get permission from whoever owns the dog before submitting
– Chosen doggies (and their owners) will be sent a digital copy of the artwork once it is complete

Deadline for submissions is Friday 4th November 2022

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Westwoof Community Dog Walk

December 11, 2022

Wrap up warm and join us for a community dog walk/meet up at Westwood green space outside High Lees. See the doggie superstars of the Westwoof artwork display. Free treats for all who come!

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